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Hey everybody! As you all know, Kerry Washington hit the red carpet at the 2014 Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Monday (August 25) in Los Angeles. She looked absolutely stunning in her Prada dress, didn’t she? Fashion details can be found here. Kerry was nominated for “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series” for the second year in a row for her work on “Scandal.” However, unfortunately she didn’t win. There’s always next year, right? The award went to Julianna Margulies, which Kerry was absolutely ecstatic about, calling her a class act on Twitter. While Kerry didn’t win, she was on stage as a presenter during last night’s ceremony. She took the stage with Liev Schreiber to present the “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries/Movie” to Jessica Lange. Videos and high definition screen captures will be up soon. In the meantime, you can check out 193 MQ and HQ photos of Kerry from the award show in the photo gallery. I want to thank Holly for some of our HQ photos. Greatly appreciated. I hope you all enjoy and keep checking back for more updates!

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Hello everybody! I have a first look at Kerry’s look at tonight’s 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards. She looks absolutely outstanding while walking the red carpet, doesn’t she? She is wearing a Prada dress, shoes, and cluth with Fred Leighton jewelry. Absolutely stunning! Be sure to check back later tonight and tomorrow more coverage, including red carpet interviews, arrivals and show photos, and so much more. Leave a comment to share your thoughts on Kerry look.

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Kerry Washington could swap Olivia Pope’s white hat for a gold Emmy on Monday night, making awards show history.

PEOPLE spoke to the Scandal star about her second consecutive nomination for playing the feisty political fixer on the ABC drama.

Does it feel any different the second time around?
Maybe, I don’t have as much anxiety the second time around. Sometimes when you do things for the first time, you’re more anxious, because it’s the first time, so I think maybe I’m not as anxious as last year, although I don’t remember being very anxious last year either. I think it’s a bit more surreal, because I can’t believe it’s happened two years in a row. It’s such an honor.

How are you feeling about your chances?
I really make it a focus of mine to not get caught up in winning. To be nominated is such an extraordinary opportunity in itself, and I think every woman who was nominated deserves to win. So I really don’t go in with any expectations, or trying to logic out the odds. I feel like that’s really none of my business.

If you should win, you would become the first African-American actress to triumph in outstanding lead actress in a drama category. How does that feel?
It’s sort of similar to when our show first aired. People would say, ‘Oh, do you feel a lot of responsibility for the show to succeed?’ I just don’t think that it’s about me. I think similarly, with the Emmys, I don’t have a responsibility to … I’m not every Emmy voter, you know? It’s none of my business whether I win.

Do you like preparing speeches?
I remember last year, maybe the day before or something, I thought, ‘Well, just in case, I guess I should think about what I would say.’ But you know, there have been times for different award situations where I have prepared and times I haven’t, so I don’t know. I don’t think I’m consistent in that area.

What are you looking forward to at the Emmys?
The hosts are always fun. It’s fun to see friends. We’re all so busy that a lot of times, these award shows are the time when you get to see people that you really adore. I love Mindy Kaling so much, but I feel like the only time we get to hang out is at award shows.

Between the two nominations, your marriage to Nnamdi Asomugha and the birth of your daughter Isabelle, it has been an incredible year for you.
I feel really blessed. I know how extraordinary my life is right now, and how the opportunities I have are, so I’m very, very, very grateful.

The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards air Monday on NBC at 8 p.m. ET

Source – People

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Kerry Washington keeps it simple in a little black dress while stepping out for the 2014 Variety & Women in Film Emmy Nominee Celebration and the 2014 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party on Saturday evening (August 23) in West Hollywood, California. Kerry was joined at the event by “Scandal” co-stars Tony Goldwyn, Katie Lowes, Darby Stanchfield, Bellamy Young, Dan Bucatinsky, and Joe Morton. You can check out 122 MQ and HQ photos of Kerry at the parties.

FYI: Kerry is wearing a Michael Kors dress, SJP Collection shoes, and a Swarovski clutch.

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Kerry Washington, of film and Emmy-nominated “Scandal” fame, leverages her prodigious online following to talk about the causes she actively supports. Most notably, Kerry is a recipient of the NAACP President’s Award recognizing special achievement in furthering the cause of civil rights and public service, and was appointed to the President’s Committee of the Arts and Humanities in 2009. Here, she is interviewed by A Belle in Brooklyn’s Demetria Lucas in a keynote interview at BlogHer ’14. Screen captures of the interview will be uploaded either tonight or later tomorrow.

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There have been a lot of soaking wet celebrities in Hollywood this past week. Sounds a little silly, right? I can assure you it was for a good cause! The ALS Bucket Challenge is a month-long campaign hoping to raise money and awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. For those who don’t know much about the challenge, those who are ‘challenged’ by others either have to donate $100.00 to The ALS Associate OR get showered with a big bucket of ice-cold water. They in turn have to ‘challenge’ three other people.

Kerry Washington took to Instagram a few days ago to participate. She was challenged 2 times! So she will be taking 2 full buckets of ice-cold water to be drenched with. You can check out the video below!

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Fans of Kerry Washington and former NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha may be waiting patiently for that very first picture of baby Isabelle Amarachi Asomugha.

But for Scandal stars Tony Goldwyn and Bellamy Young, they’ve been lucky enough to see the precious little one up-close.

“Yes I have met the delectable Isabelle,” Goldwyn told E! News at the 2014 Creative Arts Emmys. “Her DNA is really good and she’s just the cutest.”

Young couldn’t help but agree and even compared the baby to Buddha.

“You hold that baby and it calms you down,” she told E! News. “There is nothing annoying about that presence.”

The Neutrogena spokeswoman gave birth at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles April 21. In true Washington fashion, the actress managed to keep her baby news under wraps for a whopping 11 days.

Despite wanting to keep her privacy, Washington recently gushed to the Los Angeles Times about motherhood.

“I feel really, really blessed,” the actress said. “I just feel really blessed that I’m kind of living extraordinary dreams come true in my work life and in my personal life.”

And if you’re curious to know if Washington has changed since giving birth, Goldwyn dropped a hint.

“[Motherhood] has just made her more awesome than she was to begin with,” he said. “She’s just so happy all the time as it does when you have a baby. It’s a magical time.”

All the best to Kerry and her happy family!

Source – E! Online

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Kerry Washington rocks a pretty pink dress while posing with Kristen Bell at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Grants Banquet held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Thursday (August 14) in Beverly Hills, California. You can check out 10 HQ photos of Kerry at the event. Enjoy!

FYI: Kerry is wearing a Mary Katrantzou dress, Saint Laurent pumps, EF Collection earrings, and Cathy Waterman rings.

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It’s been four weeks since the Emmy nominations were announced and Kerry Washington is still lamenting Tatiana Maslany’s Emmy snub. “It’s so crazy that she’s not nominated,” Washington said of the Orphan Black star, who was overlooked for a nod after playing seemingly 18 characters on the sci-fi show. “Just, like, insane.” The fact that Washington, who is Emmy nominated — as Best Lead Actress in a Drama for her incendiary work as fixer Olivia Pope on Season 3 of ABC’s zeitgeist-grabbing Scandal — would take time out of her interview to shower praise on the competition makes it easy to believe the 37-year-old when she utters that commonly said, rarely meant platitude: This nomination is the real award.

“I have this crazy overwhelming gratitude because there are lots of people who do good work and don’t get nominated,” Washington told BuzzFeed. “It’s a very small number who are able to receive this honor of being nominated, so I feel lucky and blessed because I know how many actors out there didn’t get that call on Emmy morning.”

But Washington is quick to add that she’s careful not to equate accolades with accomplishment. “I think there’s a little bit of a danger in making any award the symbol of success,” she said. “There are phenomenal actors like Tatiana that aren’t nominated this year, and absolutely deserve to be. So, I’m always reluctant to say this is the symbol of doing good work — but that being said, I feel very, very, very blessed.”

Blessings were in no short supply for Washington during Scandal’s third season: The Shonda Rhimes-created drama notched its highest ratings ever, owned Twitter every Thursday night, and reinforced her image as one of Hollywood’s most adored actors. While always powerful, Washington’s third season performance featured her at her most sensual (Vermont jam), complex (reconciling the realization she’s “the help”), and emotional (so many trembling lips) thus far.

All the while, Washington was taking pages out of Pope’s playbook and secretly planned her June 2013 wedding to football player Nnamdi Asomugha — the couple welcomed their first child, Isabelle, in April 2014. While Washington’s pregnancy wasn’t written into the show, she did reveal it had a profound effect on her performance.

“The thing that was challenging in a beautiful, exciting way this season was that I was going through this miraculous life transformation physically and emotionally, but Olivia was not,” she said. “Because my body is where I usually ground myself as an actor — I look for ways to express character and identity through physical expression — it was fascinating for me when my body was changing every day, and I didn’t have the same kind of access to my body as an artist, so I really had to access Olivia in other ways. ”

“When you’re a pianist, the piano is your tool of expression,” she continued. “When you’re a painter, your canvas and your oils, those are your tools of expression. When you’re an actor, your body, mind, and soul are your tools of expression, so as you change, your toolbox changes, and how you interact with that toolbox changes. It’s why self-reflection is important for me as an actor. I have to understand my instrument to understand how to play it. So as life changes, the tools change and I really had to discover those tools in a new way because I didn’t have use of my body in a way I was used to and it was changing constantly.”

And that acting evolution continues in Season 4 (which begins on Sept. 25) now that Washington is a mother. “I’m still discovering every day how it’s impacted my toolbox because it’s all very new,” she added. “I’m an actor who loves to study — I work with teachers, I work with coaches, I’m always studying and reading and trying to grow as an actor, so it’s exciting.”

An unintended side effect of not writing the real-life pregnancy into the show began to crop up with increasing frequency later in the season as the coats and props had to get bigger and bigger in order to properly mask Washington’s growing bump. “It made me laugh to see that stuff online,” Washington says of the internet obsession with calling out the various bags, lamps, and actors who were used to maintain the illusion. “But I was always hopeful that none of it was too distracting from the story because it’s not about me. I always wanted to make sure that we kept telling the story and fans would be able to stay engaged with the circumstances of the show.”

Washington’s wish seemingly came true as fans devoured every aspect of the show with a voracity rarely seen today, lighting up Twitter and transforming Scandal from a watercooler show into a full-fledged global phenomenon. “I am floored and blown away,” Washington said of the 1.7 million Twitter followers she’s amassed since the show’s 2012 debut, most of whom spend Thursday nights exchanging 140 characters — mostly “OMFG”-adjacent exclamations — with the cast, who live-tweet nearly every episode. While Washington is astounded by the fervency with which fans approach the show, she also completely relates to it.

“I understand it as a fan because when I watch Bellamy Young act I am floored,” said Washington about her colleague. “When I do a scene with Darby Stanchfield I feel like, How did I get this lucky? Every time I show up to work and sit on a park bench with Jeff Perry, I know how blessed I am as an artist to work with that level of talent. That’s across the board: Guillermo Diaz, Katie Lowes, and Tony Goldwyn … I thank God for Scott Foley. I relate to how our fans feel about these actors because I feel that way about these actors.”

Scandal’s third season put family front and center, expanding the role of Olivia’s father, Eli “Rowan” Pope (Joe Morton) — the head of B613, a covert government agency — and introducing Olivia’s presumed-dead mother, Maya Lewis (Khandi Alexander) — a manipulative criminal. While it’s perhaps unsurprising that Olivia came from two such terrifying forces of nature, many — Washington included — were completely caught off guard by how the presence of Olivia’s parents unraveled the formerly unflappable Gladiator.

“This was a really, really challenging season for me,” Washington said of “the dark season” — a term coined by Rhimes. “Watching Olivia, in many ways, turn into a little girl around her parents was really unexpected for me. This character, who [we] have learned to see as this very powerful, very strong, very commanding presence, really came undone this season, which was scary for me as an artist. I had to let go of a lot of my own ideas. I had to really be willing to go into that flawed territory in a big way and not worry about how I hold her in a certain esteem or how other people hold Olivia in a certain esteem. You can’t afford to think about that when you’re playing somebody with a rich life like this.”

As a result of entering such precarious territory, Washington said she felt fans gained a clearer picture of why Olivia Pope became Olivia Pope. “You got to understand why she wants to fix everything around her — because she comes from such extraordinary dysfunction,” she said. “And that, to her, creating this family of Gladiators is a substitute for the lack of family that she had, and the desire to fix every client that walks in her door is an attempt to somehow make her world a safer place.”

Learning about Olivia’s past also provided some much-needed context for her increasingly murky illicit relationship with Fitz. “We began to understand her dysfunction in being able to be part of a healthy loving dynamic with a man she loves because she doesn’t come from a home where love is expressed in a healthy way,” Washington added. “This season — more than any other — was about the unraveling of Olivia. It was complicated and messy and sometimes unattractive and uncomfortable, so the fact that this is what is being acknowledged and, honestly, welcomed into people’s homes and people’s consciousness, is meaningful to me.”

Washington openly admits the emotionally and mentally grueling season — which ended with a broken Olivia Pope abandoning her entire life and fleeing Washington, D.C., for parts still as yet unknown — took its toll on her, something she only came to realize in hindsight. “I never thought about it in those terms because I just love acting so much and my love for what I do allows me to embrace the challenges because living in those moments of challenge is the reward,” Washington said.

“Acting itself fulfills me. The challenge of figuring out how to tell this story in a way that resonates in other human beings with an emotional and psychological truth is my job. The more complicated the circumstances, the more rewarding the opportunity as an artist because you’re unlocking the puzzle and giving it to other people. When people tune in and feel something or think something or are moved by the work, that’s the reward because we’re doing it for the viewers. We’re doing it to tell stories. We’re not doing it for ourselves; we’re doing it to be a part of something that moves people. The Emmy nomination is like the cherry on top and you partly appreciate the cherry because that might allow us to continue to do what we do, and that’s the real reward.”

Season 4 of Scandal premieres Sept. 25 at 9 p.m on ABC.

Source – Buzzfeed

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It was reported earlier last week that Kerry Washington would be presenting at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, which airs Monday, August 25th, 2014. You can read below a few other presenters that have been announced. Can’t wait!

The first round of presenters for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards has been announced — and it includes some of this year’s biggest contenders.

Nominees Bryan Cranston, Woody Harrelson, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Julianna Margulies, Matthew McConaughey, Jim Parsons, Amy Poehler, Julia Roberts and Kerry Washington have been tapped to take the stage at the Monday, Aug. 25, awards show taking place at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live. It will air live on both coasts beginning at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Other presenters include Halle Berry, Zooey Deschanel, Adam Levine and new The Voice coach Gwen Stefani. Executive producer Don Mischer announced the news Monday.

The Emmys are produced by Don Mischer Productions and will be hosted by Late Night’s Seth Meyers, who promised that the telecast would “be upbeat and fun.”

Source – The Hollywood Reporter

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